I Met Someone

About a year ago, I saw this girl who radiated beauty, not so much physical beauty, but you can tell she glowed from the inside. She had beautiful caramel, mocha latte skin, a winning smile, and a million curves all over that everyone around her couldn’t help but comment on. I had one conversation with her and she was ridiculously smart. This girl went from explaining how Trump’s presidency would affect the world at-large to gentrification in Harlem to how Cardi B is a living legend. I mean, this girl commanded attention even when she didn’t want it. She listened to “I’m Here” by Cynthia Erivo from the Broadway Musical,” The Color Purple” soundtrack like it was her religion. Her favorite book was “Sula” by Toni Morrison, because while Sula was terrible for what she did to her best friend, the friendship between two black women will always be the most important relationship in a black woman’s life. Ironically, she saw herself in Sula. To this day, she still has post-its with quotes from the book all over her journal.

She spent her nights meditating and mornings thanking God for allowing her to see another day. Every day she hugged herself tighter than anyone in her life ever did.  She was lovingly selfish and forgave herself for not being selfish when she should have been. She wanted to be happy and knew that happiness first came from within. Every man she entertained was in her life on her terms and she liked it that way. She enjoyed learning new things about herself, like she is very funny. Like “she could make a career out of this” funny. She laughed without abandon and her laugh was infectious. Everyone who watched her laugh wanted to either join in the humor or just watched her, because like I said her smile was beautiful. I hadn’t seen her for a while, up until a few days ago.

I was so happy to see that beautiful soul again. Happy. Reminding herself to be happy. She had a rough year. Shortly after seeing her last year, she tried to end things with someone she loved dearly. He wouldn’t really let her go until he did. The break-up wasn’t hard. She’s basically psychic, so she knew he was going to end things with her; she was literally just waiting. He was just very abrasive about how he ended things with her. He made her feel less than, like she wasn’t enough. He refused to let her heal when she needed to most. He kept coming back under the pretense of “friends” while flaunting his new relationship. She would have been okay, if she would have left the situation when I met her. To her defense, she thought she made a clean break, but he was turning into this new man before her eyes. She was turning into the man she wanted (but for someone else). She was hard on herself because she made herself smaller, quieter, less present for him. Her gift for that was a soggy ass pillow and his happiness with someone else. At some point, it was almost like he forgot that HE left HER for someone else.

It especially didn’t help when he would be unresponsive and/or block her as he saw fit. He called her when she begged him to stop talking to her, on his new gf’s birthday, on her birthday, and when she got back from her self-care trip to Puerto Rico. At some point she really needed a friend and life started to fold on her. When she needed a friend (him) the most, he told her “Your presence is not conducive to the relationship God has sent me.” He blocked her number. This was the final nail in the coffin that contributed to a bit of depression, a whole lot of anger, and a shitty ass year. She sent numerous emails hoping that he would come around and apologize for his words; he never did. He probably never opened them; she’s sure he deleted the emails once he saw who they were from. THE ASSHOLE EVEN WROTE A SONG ABOUT IT!!! (scroll down for said song) Even now she still protects him from the truth. Remember how I said she’s basically psychic? When he told her about the new relationship, she saw the relationship ending. He was devastated. Then she felt sad for him; now this makes her pretty damn happy. She also had a dream of someone who she figured was this new gf leaving him and somehow the decision has to do with her. She wants nothing to do with this. She desperately wants to move on with life. She is moving on with her life, forgiving herself for loving someone who couldn’t love her the way she needed to be loved. Forgiving herself for allowing the same man to hurt her twice. She is especially forgiving herself for not listening to that inner voice from the beginning, but she is learning from this.

She is loving herself again like she needs to be loved. Being the greatest lover to herself before any man tries to take her place. And all the men in her life are in her life on her terms. She jumps for only herself, her dreams, and aspirations. She loves her friends and family fiercely. She dances when no one is watching and takes major risks. Rejection doesn’t stop her from taking risks. Honestly what’s worse than the man you loved telling you that you’re encroaching on his happiness when he encroached on your entire existence? My girl is good lol.

I saw her in the mirror a few days ago. She is me. I am her. I am beautiful, fierce, loud, intuitive, smart, sexy, magical, complex, etc. I am the girl whose heart was broken by someone she still deeply cares for, but has no desire to make him feel comfortable in my presence. I am the silent force pushing myself to be better than I was the day before. I am my wildest dreams and anyone in my life who tries to dim my light is on the first train out of here. I missed her, me, and I’m not letting go of her again.

P.S. That song is linked here, because I’m petty. Also because we need to support these SoundCloud artists, small business, and everybody black hahaha.

P.P.S. Peace & Love

So Things Are Happening…….

When I was last here, I shared all the things I learned during year 23 and all the wonderful things I’ll take with me to year 24 and beyond. I think I expected the few months after that to be great and full of new people and ventures.

I hate to break it to you (or even myself), but the last few months have been exhausting and I don’t know when it will let up.

Where do we start? My job. Friendships. Love life. My parents’ separation. My failing weight-loss journey. Maturing into a beautiful person and feeling like I’m stuck (this is the big one).

Let’s begin.

I don’t hate my job, but I am thoroughly over it. The work, the people, all of it. I recently had my annual review and everything I was suspicious of about my job was confirmed. I felt like I was not getting substantial work, for reasons beyond my understanding. I didn’t think some of the supervisors on my team liked me. Lastly, I felt like people at my firm were lying about me and presenting a negative image about me. When I shared this with my work friends, they understood, but I had a feeling that they thought I was paranoid. After my review, I learned that everything I described above was taking place on my job. My boss gave an example to confirm everything I described. After my review, all of my concerns about leaving my current job subsided EXCEPT the one about figuring out what I am going to do next.

All of my old friendships are perfectly in tact, it’s the new ones. I have a small friend group at work. As my friendship grows with one person, in particular, my dislike for her grows even more. The more she shares or exposes about herself, the more I learn things I do not like about her. If we did not sit right next to each other at work, I would not really talk to her. Coming to work everyday, seeing her, and talking about things I do not care about, is draining AF.

My love life isn’t so much a joke, as it is non-existent. I’ve discussed my most recent ex here and at first we discussed remaining friends. Wellllll, a lot has taken place since then. The last time I asked him why we aren’t friends (because Lord knows I needed the companionship I had in him). He responded “Your energy is not conducive to the relationship God has sent me”. That’s right folks, let’s all collectively deeply roll our eyes to that bs. What the actual fuck? See, I don’t want him, too much damage. I miss the friend I had in him. With everything going on in my life, I kind of want his perspective on things. Guess not! I guess he doesn’t want to jeopardize his relationship with his barely legal girlfriend that’s doomed to fail. I’m not even trying to get mixed up in that. Maybe it’s good I’m not present in his life. Because when his relationship fails, I don’t want that shit connected to me at all. However his level of disrespect towards me, someone who constantly showed up for him, hurts more than I will ever be honest about. Especially since I will always love him, even though he is undeserving.  I just hope he sends my money soon. I don’t need that nigga popping up in my life in six months.

Finally, my mother has separated from my father. They’ve been married for 27 years and I do not know a time when they were happy with each other. I don’t know a functional happy marriage. I only know what living in chaos looks like, so I’m glad this is happening. However, I feel like my parents put a lot of emotional pressure on me which is not only unfair, but exhausting. It’s beginning to feel like everything is spilling out and everyone is looking to me to fix the leak.

The stress from everything and everyone around me is triggering unhealthy eating habits and ways of thinking. Losing weight has been nearly impossible. I feel like every time I get back up, there’s something else waiting to knock me back down. It shows in how much I eat or don’t eat. I just really want to see some changes in my physical appearance and I’m starting to feel like nothing is going to change it.

The good thing taking place in the midst of all of this is that I feel like I’m growing and maturing internally. So much so, that I feel like I’m growing out of everything and everyone that does not support this growth. When I say “support this growth”, I mean their energies and ways of thinking cannot handle me. I literally feel that there are people around me who can no longer handle me. This is frustrating because I feel stuck. It’s a beautiful and stressful thing all at the same time.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for walking through self-help minefield with me lol. This blog is one of the few sanctuaries I have.

Peace&Love ❤


23 Things I Learned This Year

So, I turn 24 very soon. As I look back on year 23, I have lived and learned so much. I feel like I’ve transformed so much in the past year. From my first heartbreak to my first real job to my first solo trip, 23 has been a roller coaster. To commemorate this year, I curated a list of 23 things that I learned this year.

  1. Nobody owes you anything.
    • I had to learn this one the hard way. No one owes you love, time, or even respect. The only person who owes you anything is you.
  2. I am capable of loving someone romantically.
    • I honestly did not know if this was possible. Until I met this guy, I did not know if it was possible for me to love anyone romantically. I found everyone boring and predictable, so I couldn’t even begin to really like someone.
  3. It’s okay to be vulnerable.
    • Emotions, in general, are something I rarely show. This is because I feel everyone’s emotions, almost like an empath. Therefore, I used to shut down emotionally not only because I feel everything, but because being vulnerable opens you up to being hurt. Do you know what’s worse than being vulnerable? Opening up to someone and giving them the tools to hurt you. However, I’ve learned that vulnerability can also lead to amazing, beautiful experiences.
  4. I am enough.
  5. I love me.
  6. I love me more than I thought.
    • No really, almost narcissism, but not. It’s a “very selfish, responsible, able to give and receive, I know what I want and I will work to get it, keep positive people around me” love.
  7. Don’t confuse love with strong like.
    • Which is easier said than done. We want and desire love so much, that we attach ourselves to anything that slightly resembles it. In my experience, I liked someone so much that I genuinely thought I loved him. Maybe I did *shrugs*.
  8. Just because he said he wouldn’t hurt you, it doesn’t mean he won’t.
    • People lie. People give you false promises. Sure, he didn’t intend to hurt you, but he still did it anyway. Intentions don’t mean shit when all you can do is cry because the pain is so deep. Remember that people are flawed and things will get better.
  9. Learn from your mistakes.
  10. This one is similar to #9. Forgive and forget, but always learn.
    • When I was wronged by someone that I trusted, I held onto the pain caused by their actions. Once I forgave them, remembering what they did triggered all the hurt that I “forgave” them for. It was like I was hurt allll over again. However, once I re-assessed the situation, my actions, their actions, I could learn from the experience and grow from it.
  11. You, even you, can fall for bomb dick.
    • It happened. The dick was great. I latched on longer than necessary. There will be more bomb dick, hopefully with a bomb ass person attached to it.
  12. It’s okay not to be okay. *Cue “Who You Are” by Jessie J*
  13. I fell in love, not nearly as quickly as I fell out of it.
  14. Closure is a made-up concept. Stop expecting it.
    • It’s time we let go of this thing called “closure”. The relationship is over, for whatever reason, and you’ll just have to deal with it. I remember wanting closure so bad, that I waited for him to come back to me, just to figure out why he left me. I wait for no one. When I finally got his answer, I was livid! His reason was such bullshit. I could have come up 25 better reasons as to why he left me. I might have to write on this topic another time. For now, closure is dumb. Get back to loving yourself and move on.
  15. Transform your fear into confidence.
    • I learned that energies could never be destroyed, only transformed. Think of it like this, you are miserable and you hate your job, but you need it. So either you go find a new job or you make the best of your time there and find new ways to enjoy it. This is how I have been approaching fear, or at least trying to. Literally taking the very feeling of fear, in my case fear of failure, and using that feeling to motivate me to do the very thing I fear. What’s the worst thing that could happen if I do what I fear? I might fail. I might not. But you never know unless you take that leap.
  16. Traveling every few months keeps me fulfilled.
    • Taking some time away every few months keeps my skin clear and my soul enriched.
  17. Saving is a necessity.
    • What’s worse than being broke? Being broke with bougie ass tastes, but also being broke with bougie ass tastes and a desire to be financially savvy. My little rainy day fund has come in handy not just when I was in a financial bind, but also when I saw something that I really liked that was also a little expensive #treatyoself.
  18. Stay away from sugar.
    • About a year ago, I was diagnosed with prediabetes which meant ending my love affair with sugar. It was hard, but VERY worth it.
  19. Who you are is who you want to be with a little tweaking.
    • Sometimes we want to change or be different people, but we fail to realize that the person we desire to be is already here. We just have to do a little soul work to be him/her.
  20. Happiness is a choice.
  21. Love yourself first, before you accept the love of anyone else.
  22. It’s okay to explore your sexuality. Own your sexuality.
  23. Listen to the voice inside of you. You know yourself better than anyone else.

Finally Writing My Way Out

About a year and a half ago, I met someone who changed my entire perspective on relationships. I would dare say that at some point I fell in love with him. Just when I fell in love with him, he betrayed my trust. When he came back to me (as I expected), he was half the man I fell for. The trauma of the situation he was in changed him. He didn’t trust me anymore and made me feel like I wasn’t enough. See, before that, I was half the person I am now and he made me feel safe, beautiful, sexy…… I’d never felt sexy before him. Sexual? Yes. But sexy was something entirely different. It took some time for me to realize that he was gone, but I didn’t want to let him go. Along the way, sex confused what I really had for him.

About a year and a half ago, I was a barely employed, recent college graduate with the billion dollar loans to prove it. I had just lost my best friend of 6+ years and I was so unhappy. He was funny, interesting, and physically just my type (with the dick to match). I swear those first few times we had sex were almost magical.

About three months into our time together, I knew that I should have cut it off, but I enjoyed having someone who made me want to give a shit about them. I actually planned to end things multiple times and didn’t. He always said or did exactly what I needed him to say or do. That time period where he betrayed my trust and we weren’t talking was one of the most trans-formative periods of my short life. You would think that I would get my closure and leave, but I felt like I needed to prove something. Or maybe it was my ego. I stuck around, because I liked him in my life more than I didn’t. As crazy as this sounds, I didn’t want to see him happy with anyone else. During that rough patch, I learned to love myself in ways I didn’t know possible. I handled some health issues that I had going on, I was losing weight, my skin was clearing up, I got a really good job that was exactly what I needed. When I began to love myself more, everything started to come together for me. I was seeing clearly. My relationship with my friends drastically improved, because they were the people there for me. They let me cry and bitch for hours and then handed me my favorite bottle of wine. Through all of this, I naively yearned for his touch.

We came back to each other as different people trying to have the same relationship. At least I was. I was quickly learning that I would never be the #1 woman in his life. Our time with each other ended and we (I) were trying to stick together. Through this, I was never his “girlfriend”, but I thought I was given VIP access to the parts of himself that he didn’t share with anyone else. I was wrong. I also learned exactly what I want in a man, partner, and a relationship. What we had looked nothing like my desired relationship, except our friendship.

From the time we got back “together” to around Christmas, things were very rocky. I made a lot of realizations about myself. I even asked him multiple times to let me go if he didn’t want anything further with me. He didn’t let me go. He had zero intentions of more. I began building the wall back up between us. January was a wonderful place for our friendship. I feel like I learned more about him in one month than I did in the six months prior. I started cutting off my “hoes”. I thought we were moving in a more exclusive direction until he told me that he met a girl who changed his life completely.

This is going to sound fucked up, but I knew he wouldn’t find anyone better than me unless it was God himself who did it. Apparently God did. Excuse my pride, but I’m pretty, goal-oriented, gainfully-employed, have a great personality, my ass is fat, and my pussy is bomb AF. ONLY God is pulling you away from me. I was hurt, because he could have told me before he was calling me every day. Before he was telling me that I was irresistible. Before he was becoming better than the man I met a year and a half ago.

But if I’m being honest, I was waiting for him to tell me about this girl. For months, I felt him slipping from me. It felt like the more he emotionally slipped from me, the more he physically started showing up for me. If we’re being even more honest, though he was becoming a better man, he still wasn’t half the man that I need. I’m not just a strong, black woman. I’m more powerful than even I can imagine. He never fit into the life I saw for myself. As a friend? Yes. But not as a partner. His emotional wounds are what pushed him to his calling, but his calling and my calling do not align. Still I stuck around. When he finally told me about her, I was angry because I felt like he was telling me that she was better than me, a more malleable version of myself. Like if I gave in to him when we first met, we would have never ended up here. I’m not that girl.

I was once told that I was too much for him. I know that now, but it doesn’t stop the tears from forming. I truly believe he was sent to me, maybe even a soulmate. I feel him. I feel his hurt, his happiness, his confusion, his love. I feel like I’ve attached myself to someone who can not care for me in the way I care for him.

He, we are so easy. He’s one of my favorite people. He’s one of my best friends. He’s the best friend I lost and let sex complicate things for us. I do not, not want him in my life. I’d also be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt to see him happy with someone else. It means coming to terms with the decision I made to continue to deal with him after I made a resolve not to deal with him romantically. It means knowing that I don’t occupy his mind anymore. That means I won’t get a text message at 3 am saying “I was thinking about you” and knowing that I was dreaming about him at the same time. It means not kissing him. It means the unresolved sexual tension between us will go unresolved. It means limiting what I say or know to be true, so that he doesn’t think I’m jealous. It means pushing him away and not being able to share his accomplishments with him.

It means knowing that while I am MORE than enough and my next man will be better than I can even imagine, I was not enough for him. If I’m being REALLY honest, he was not enough for me either.

So that’s my truth. I loved and lost and found a friend in the process. It feels very simple, but it’s also super complicated.

What If I Told You I Saw This Coming?

So it’s Saturday and, yes, Donald Trump is the President Elect of these United States of America. No, this isn’t an episode of The Apprentice. It really happened. Crooked Hillary Clinton lost to Idiot Donald Trump.

Now that, that’s out of the way.

Tuesday night, I turned off all notifications regarding the election and went to bed. Around 4 am, I jolted out of my sleep, probably from the energy shift. Around 5:30 am, I woke up, checked Twitter, and saw that Trump had indeed been elected. Scrolling through my timeline in disbelief,I was shocked that hate, corruption, sexism, racism, misogyny, etc. had actually won. I was also genuinely afraid for what might transpire on my commute to work (I work near Wall Street). Trump, himself, is not the problem. American presidents are mere puppets and status symbols of free democracy. The hate of Trump’s supporters is what worried me. This win meant they won as well; it justified their prejudices and -isms.So I decided not to go to work on Wednesday. I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of verbal harassment at the mouths of Trump’s supporters and I needed some time to process and mentally prepare what the next four years may look like. Spending the day binge-watching my favorite shows and positive movies, I stayed off of social media (with the occasional Twitter check-in), meditated, and created my own world at home. On Thursday, I was mentally prepared for work and to look at all of the white people who could not fathom how such a problematic man is our next President when white people were the ones who put him there anyway. Sure Trump won because of the outdated electoral college, but slightly less than half of the people who voted, voted for the man.

When Trump first announced his candidacy for President, people laughed and mocked him. The media gave him every bit of the attention he desired. Every time Trump said or did something outlandish, the media was there to cover it. Even with all 30 people on the Republican ticket, we talked about him the most, like we do celebrities (Kardashians, anyone?) The majority of Trump’s supporters are small-minded. I’m referring to all classes here, the rich to the working class. They love reality TV, whine when they are called out for their wrongs, and appropriate other cultures, like it’s their job. With too many people on the Republican ticket and Trump’s hyper-visibility in the media, voters were forced to support the loudest and most visible candidate. It would be remiss not to point out Trump said everything these disenfranchised (read: racist) white people have been wanting to say for the past eight years. That type of hate and inability to see past your selfish desires is what this country is built on. Trump and his supporters appeared to be almost emboldened by every public figure who attempted to shame him. As for Hillary, I’m very anti-establishment, so I wasn’t fucking with her from the jump. Hillary is a career politician who has benefited well. She and her husband are responsible for the crime bill that created so many private prisons which lends itself to the mass incarceration we have today. Her pander to black people was cringe-worthy and embarrassing from Mary to Beysus. I’m glad it’s over.

I blindly trusted that the world isn’t as fucked as it appears, but clearly I was wrong. I’d hate to be one of these “let’s give him a chance” people, but I’m 80% sure Trump will get bored and we’ll have to deal with Pence (deep eyeroll). The real question is “If Hillary had won would my life be better or worse as it is, or will be, with Trump?” I honestly don’t think so. Just pray for us as we get through next four years. If anything, I have been motivated to step up and maybe even get involved in politics myself.