Online Dating in London

Few people know that I have played around with online dating in the past. I use It’s free, efficient, gets the job done, and boosts my self-esteem all in one time machine. I have a like/hate relationship with OkC. This accounts for my infrequent activity on the website; I often disable my account for weeks/months at a time. Sometimes it allows me to meet and get to know pretty interesting guys who are not far off from the guys I have been involved with offline. On the other hand, it allows me to come into online contact with assholes and creepy men who can not take a hint. I experienced the latter part while using OkCupid in London. I first used OkCupid in January of 2014 when I wanted to try something different to meet guys. My university is in Massachusetts in the middle of nowhere and the guys are less than desirable for the most part. I have met some pretty interesting guys. I have a steamy story of a sexual escapade that took place hours leading into my 21st birthday. That guy was a professional with his mouth. I was stood up for the first time from a guy I met on OkCupid. I also had really great sex with a guy from OkCupid. All different guys. I’m not a hoe; I just have hoe tendencies. OkCupid in London was an entirely different experience.

The men who messaged me in London had this tone of entitlement in their messages. Men of all different races. Some were nice; others were a major pain in the ass. One guy for example would send multiple messages at a time until I responded. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve encountered some people I’ve been able to connect with. There was Doug who was a nice guy who got a hold of me when I first got to London. He was OK. However his FB profile and any information about him online seemed outdated from like 2012, so one could imagine my hesitance. I moon-walked out of that for awhile and was amazed when he messaged me on FB asking if I had forgotten about him. After a few other failed attempts with a few other guys, I decided to give him a chance. We chatted again and planned to meet. On said planned day, I could not get a hold or response from him at all. I sent some angry messages, but I’ve learned a few things about men and relationships over the past year, so I knew when to stop. A few days later, he apologised and initially tried to act as if something was wrong with me. I let him know quickly that he was the one that fucked up and convinced him to give me a reason as to why he “stood me up”. Apparently he was broke and too embarrassed to properly cancel. fucking pathetic Out of boredom and interest, I agreed to choosing another date, the following week. A few days later I caught word that I would have to wait two weeks because he was traveling. This fuckshit has been pretty much my experience with almost every guy that I have met out here. Lucky for me, I don’t have many expectations for any penis-owner. If there was one piece of advice I would give to anyone, it is that British men are vastly overrated. Most of them have small penises, lack personality, are full of themselves, and have the legs of ladies. Because my home institution is an all-women’s college, the only male interaction that I have mastered is one that includes attaining sex. I don’t have time for male-platonic relationships JK! I just don’t expect much from guys here and I am ready to go home with my newfound confidence to trap men in my lovenest lol. Again kidding! not really…………

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