Traveling 101: Six Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad Solo

Have Curls, Will Travel

People who travel alone can understand the freedom, the anxiety, and personal growth that comes from the experience. I myself love solo trips as it gives a chance for “me time” and increases my independence. Still, traveling alone, no matter your gender, still comes with a few risks. Here are some tips!

1. Know where your embassy is—This is a strange first tip, but it’s a valuable suggestion I assure you. From lost passports to the collapse of your host country’s government, knowing where your embassy is will be useful. I’m lucky because Hanoi is the city right next door, so I’ve been able to locate both the American and Canadian embassies. However, if you’re far away from your host country’s capital (where most embassies are located), I suggest keeping a card with the embassy’s phone number, address, and website in your wallet.

2. Don’t constantly carry your passport…

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