The Issue of the Snow Bunny

The “beef” and subsequent apology between Iggy and Snoop Dogg is pretty much the black woman’s issue with white women and black men. White women get to say whatever the the fuck they want to say. While black women are taught from children to stay in our place, never disrupt the black man, always make him feel like a man. Simultaneously black men continue to shit on black women. Miss me with the #notallmen bullshit. In rap songs, we are nothing more than bitches, hoes, and sexual prop pieces. Once we birth your children and things aren’t going your way, we are the crazy baby-mama’s. After we say no to your weak ass advance, I’m a bitch who wasn’t even that cute anyway. But let a white woman cry wolf, a black man steps in and saves the day. It’s like suddenly a white woman is an actual woman and the black woman is a thing. Because that what it really comes down to. This is why the “beef” is so odd and interesting. Granted this is an old story. I just decided to revisit.

Let me make this clear. Iggy and Snoop are basically pees in the same pod. Iggy is an Australian rapper illegally using a Southern accent to rap. She uses this “white-washed” rap and her lovely fake ass to make money. Her offense is that she constantly uses black women in her videos as props. Iggy is also guilty of not addressing the hip-hop culture, advocating the usage of the n-word for non-blacks, and overall just being a bad sport in the game of hip hop. I’ve never really been a fan of Snoop Dogg/Lion/ etc, because I never found it amusing how he disrespected black women. We have always been nothing but bitches, hoes, sluts, and sexual objects. Even when the entire world knew he was married, he continued to parade around with women giving no fucks about his wife raising his children. Any time a man can publicly dishonor the “love of his life” on a consistent basis that raises red flags for me everywhere.

When Snoop came at Iggy, it wasn’t anything different from his track record. Like sweetie, you don’t get a pass because you’re white. You’re just like the rest of us. As a black woman, there was no reason to take any side. Iggy wants to be me, so she hijacked it. Snoop was never down for me. My blackness nor my womanness was pulled in either direction. Here is what proved what black women have been saying all along. When T.I. called Snoop, Snoop decided to publicly apologize to Iggy. Wait! What about the countless black women you have made money off and disrespected over the course of your career? Do we not get an apology? Why didn’t T.I. have Iggy apologize to Azealia Banks? We all know Azealia has a sketchy history, but that does not mean she can’t get a chance to. What about when Floyd was going in on his ex all over social media? Literally destroying all avenues of privacy. The point is that black women have never received an apology, but white women do.

I call it protecting the snow bunny. A snow bunny is the not so rare breed of white girl who likes black men. She usually ends up with a black man who is one of those guys who downplay other black women to make her feel good. Example ” Baby thank you for cooking me dinner. You can’t get shit from black bitches without hearing they mouth”. Her only perception of black women is based on stereotypes and her man’s words. The snow bunny also talks too damn much. She suffers from word vomit and she loves to fall back on the phrase “That’s why black men don’t like you”. I’m not saying Iggy has done or said these things. However since she is a white girl in a “black industry” dating a black basketball player, she’s definitely a snow bunny. T. I. is certainly protecting her. A black male rapper has never apologized to the black women they have disrespected. So Snoop apologizing is kind of fucked up and a reminder. It’s a reminder that some of y’all black men never really cared.

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