Do You Dine Below?

Can we be candid for a minute? I am a huge fan of oral sex, giving and receiving. However since my time here in London, I have had two issues with oral sex. 1) The men are terrible at giving cunnilingus or 2) They are against giving head. These two things are both frustrating, sad, and most of all disappointing. I was with this one guy and he went down on me after I had basically swallowed his disappointing in size penis in whole and I knew that he was down there, but it was just like wtf is going on. I just looked at him with that “Please stop, you’re scaring me dry” look. He stopped, but I couldn’t help but to wonder why was he so bad. Then there is the other instance where the guy made it very clear in the beginning of the sexual conversation that he would not perform oral sex. Can you imagine how long that conversation lasted? Two men is definitely not an adequate sample, so I have also asked around to other guys that I have encountered here in London. This isn’t to say that all men in this part of the world do not give head, but a good portion of them don’t. I, however, have a greater issue.

Whenever a man and woman decide to engage in sexual matters, it is almost always implied that the woman will perform fellatio on the man. If she does not give him a blowjob, then she is a prude, does not enjoy sex, will never be able to please a man, etc, etc. As a woman who enjoys my carpet being munched, I am offended by men who expect me to use my dick-sucking skills on them, but they will not do the same to me. As a feminist, I call sexuality inequality. And as both, I’m entirely pissed off that men get to be mediocre at sex while woman have to know and do all of the tricks. It’s like men get to be “Average Joe” while women have to be Lisa Ann. This actually pisses me off to the highest level. I think that I deserve to be sexually satisfied. If that includes you eating me out and using your tongue as the maestro, then dammit! hop to it!

Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I’m too sexually liberated. Maybe I expect too much. Maybe I don’t have the ideal body type. Maybe, Maybe, Maybe…… What I do know is that I prefer reciprocity in all aspects of my life, including sex. I also have a new sexual rule. If a man has not explicitly stated that he will eat me out or done it, then I will not suck him and/or he will not penetrate me. That’s just how life is going to go from now on.

This just exemplifies how I feel about the issue


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