So About That Guy……

Lately my carnal nature has kicked into high gear. So that guy from this story. I ended up having sex with him, but let me explain. I’ve been going through sort of a sexual dry spell, since I’ve been here. The guy with the little penis does not count so we’re calling it a sexual dry spell. Now a few weeks ago I saw that guy again for the first time in like two months. When we first interacted, I was going through some relationship things and did not want to jump in another man’s lap. He was coming on very strong and I was not in the mood for ego-stroking, so as we all know I bounced. This time around I had to control the situation which I did. I just wanted sex and company from him. When we linked back up, I only had two more full weeks in England. For me this was a perfect set-up.

So I went to his place one night and we talked. I let him know what went wrong the first time around. I apologized for disappearing, but I also made it clear that I made the best decision for myself at the time. That’s the wonderful thing about knowing who you are. You understand when to walk away. Or if you’re like me, you know when to step away from a situation that you have lost control of. I know what some of you may be thinking. You should let go sometimes. You don’t always have to be in control. You can let someone in, etc.  And to you I say: I live my life how I choose and I make the best decisions for myself. It’s all about self-care, beautiful. I knew I made the right decision when he kept saying “We would have been great together”. WAIT A MINUTE. PUMP THE BRAKES. No we wouldn’t have because you’re still acting like this was going to be a relationship!! I don’t want a relationship right now, especially not with someone who is in another country. Because while I will be back at home, he would still be here. I don’t do long-distance. However I let him talk and kept my eye-rolling to a minimum. We decided to “watch a movie”, which lead to kissing and touching and foreplay. He didn’t have condoms (which is a major issue I have with men here). So we didn’t have sex, but I did leave knowing I could have some really great sex before I returned to my situation back at home.

As you guys know, I love when a guy goes down on me. So I couldn’t deny his offer when he practically begged. This guy was loving all over my body, even my armpits (das mad weird tho). His head game was so good that I wanted to suck his dick dry. I wanted to reward him for good favor. I wanted his toes to curl. Even then he wanted to eat me out, so I let him partake in the fine dining. It was amazing. Not the best I’ve had, but still very good. The best head I’ve had was from a guy I haven’t seen or heard from since he gave me head and I am oddly fine with that.

So yeah, I guess you could say I’m in a “thing” with a guy here. He likes me more than I like him. With my personality and relationship insecurities that is fine with me. He wants me more than I want him, so he does what’s necessary to keep me interested. Like I said, it’s all about controlling the situation here.

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