Why Mellody Hobson stopped apologizing for being a black woman

Definitely going to start following her example (if I’m not already)


Mellody Hobson got candid about race and gender at the FortuneMost Powerful Women Next Gen conference on Tuesday night. The president of Ariel Investments explained that it was only about a decade ago that she stopped tiptoeing around who she really is.

Her epiphany came when she attended the funeral of John Johnson, who started Ebony and Jet magazines. One of the eulogists got up and said, “He was unapologetically black.” It stopped Hobson in her tracks. “It me so hard,” she said. She realized that she had “been apologizing for who I am, about being a woman, and about being black—and it stops today.”

Hobson said that a lot of people think that because we have a black president, we live in a post-racial America. “This is laughable,” she added. “If you are a person of color it’s hard to explain what we deal with on day-to-day basis.”

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