The 2014 List

So I know I talk a lot about relationships and guys on here, but that’s only because it’s just that time in my life. In the beginning of this year, 2014, I was challenged to venture into the dating world. For the majority of my life, I have been neglecting relationships and guys and focusing on my education, family, myself, etc. I am/ have been extremely nervous and scared of showing myself to others. The idea of vulnerability is like the worst thing ever to me. The idea of literally putting trust into a stranger is ridiculous to me. BUT I want to love and to be loved, so I guess you gotta start somewhere.

Back to this year’s challenge

Pretty much everyone in my life from my mother to my friends agreed that it was time I meet some folks for the prospective life partner position. I also had the same sentiment, but I didn’t know the people in my life were so concerned. In the past, I have been in not-so-good “situations” where I was not honest about what I wanted. I think that was due to immaturity.Now that I’m older and I know what I want. This was a great time to do that.

Soooo this year I attempted to put the Relationship Skeptic (that’s me) to rest. I did a few things. I joined OkCupid (for real this time) and I actually gave guys that I met a chance. I’m a lot more confident in myself and my abilities, so this time around I had an idea of what I wanted going in. As a result of my 2014 challenge, I have had a pretty interesting year as it pertains to the fellas. Below I’ve put together a little list of the guys of this year. My goal is to write about each of them before this year is up, as I create some new goals for the new year.

  1. Marquis
  2. Ian
  3. Chris
  4. Spencer
  5. Ricardo
  6. Jacques
  7. Tobi
  8. Richie

Sidenote: Major thank you’s to the people who are following and reading my blog. Honestly I truly appreciate all of the love. Also don’t be afraid to comment or ask questions on anything I post. I would love to hear feedback or engage in dialogue (clear indication I attend a liberal arts college) with you all. If you think you might hurt my feelings, trust me I have thick skin. Thanks for stopping by!

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