The List: 1) Marquis

So I guess that it’s only right we start at the beginning. I met Marquis on OkCupid. It was my first real attempt at using OkCupid and after receiving messages from many undesirables he messaged me. Now this guy was pretty close physically to my “perfect guy”. He was about 6’1, ex-football player body (I’ve got a thing for thighs and well…football players), very attractive, light skinned (wasn’t a hug fan of this), and had that nonchalant attitude but a beautiful smile (I also have a ridiculous weakness for smiles). I find myself attracted to those “assholes with a heart of gold” types and that was Marquis. We chatted online for awhile and he liked my sarcasm and quick wit. I enjoyed talking to him, but at some point he just vanished. He suspended his account and was gone. I wasn’t heartbroken, but I was definitely feeling this guy.

The End.

Lol I’m kidding. A few weeks went by and he reappeared. By this point I was back in Massachusetts for school and was closer to where he lived. So we started talking again,  exchanged phone numbers and added each other on Facebook. We talked often enough and we were feeling each other. Like many insecure women, when things are starting to look too good, you doubt yourself. I started a mild argument with him about my place and where we were going. He didn’t appreciate that and saw right through it, so he distanced himself from me. He later came back after I apologized and things were looking good again. I invited him to a party at my school that my organization was throwing. Something came up; he didn’t come. We then decided that it’s time we actually meet each other. So he planned to take me on a date one night. When he asked me, I was super surprised. He pretty much asked me what I was doing that night and when I told him nothing, he said that he’s taking me out. Don’t you just love when a man takes the initiative? When it was time for him to pick me up, he was running late. Here is where the story gets hazy. He let me know when he got to my campus and I gave him directions how to get to my dorm. After that I never heard from him again.

I waited outside for hours. It was February in New England. It was cold as fuck. AND I was stood up. I called and texted incessantly. I left way too many messages. I was far too dramatic. I actually think his phone died. Have you ever been stood up? It is a kill shot to your ego. I took it harder than necessary. About two months later I saw him at the mall on line for some sneakers! I didn’t say anything to him, mostly because I looked like crap that day. I could not approach him looking like I had a rough day on the field. That’s the last I heard or saw of him.

I would love to say I learned something from being stood up for the first time, but I didn’t. What I did learn is that there is a such thing as too many calls and texts. A guy will respond if he wants. If he does not respond, he clearly is not that interested and contacting more than necessary will only make you the crazy one.

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