The List: 3) Chris

Chris is the most elusive of any guy on this list. We met on OkCupid. We chatted for awhile and over the course of our conversations I learned that we both wanted more of a sexual relationship. Since it was more sexual and my ego was still shot from Marquis, I was okay with the arrangement. We had been talking about meeting up and “getting to know each other”. Finally we chose a time and date that worked best for us. We ended up meeting the night right before my birthday. There was nothing spectacular about Chris. He was a regular guy who was cute. Chris was/is (not completely sure) in the military and also had a nice body (great ass and thighs). He was black and Puerto Rican.

On the night I turned 21, I can happily say I was receiving the best head I have ever had. When Chris came over, I barely remembered his name, but I was prepared for whatever was going to happen. We had some dranks and got to business. He initiated because I was clearly a little nervous. No amount of Angry Orchards and witty banter could have prepared me for my first one night stand, sexual escapade, sexy time with a stranger, etc. You get my point. So he got on my bed and literally in one fell swoop my shirt was off, my body was in a completely different position, and his lips were on mine. He had really nice lips and kissed extremely well. He then took my pants off. Yes he did dine below. and Yes it was amazing. Chris’ dick was the first one I had ever sucked and apparently I was pretty good at it. Don’t be so shocked. I’m a late bloomer and an undercover freak. I watched porn for awhile for techniques and what-not.

By the time he left I was 21. I enjoyed myself. It felt good to do something for me. I wished my friends did a better job of celebrating my 21st birthday. However I later learned my “friends” kind of sucked and weren’t really interested in me or things that concerned me. When I told my close friend the next day, she judged me for being promiscuous. I didn’t give too many fucks how she felt because I watched her let multiple really good guys go. She let some gorgeous, black, smart, ambitious men slip from her fingertips because of her immaturity. Her judgmental opinions were invalid.

I didn’t hear much from Chris after that, but that was ok. He served his purpose.

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