The List: 4) Spencer

Can we be honest for a second? This little blog here is giving me so much happiness. Y’all don’t even know.

Now onto Spencer…….

Spencer is my first white guy. Yup that’s right. I like to dabble in the swirl. Spencer was all about the anticipation and the “what ifs”. We always had plans and intentions to meet up, but they never actually happened. The first time he was supposed to come to my school and “hang out”. He never came and said that something came up. Yeah he felt bad, but I was like whatever. The second time he was supposed to come I chickened out and claimed that something came up. I know!! Things were getting childish. I believe we met around March or April. He lived pretty close to my university, but I knew that I was soon returning home. Because I was going home, I knew whatever we had was short-lived. We kept in contact over the summer, but it was mostly cyber-sexual if you catch my drift.

We did a lot of sexting, phone sex, and exchanging of pictures. It was weird. We didn’t spend much physical time together, but I trusted him. I usually don’t do such things with people, and I don’t recommend doing that. Spencer and I eventually fell  a part, especially once I went to London. It was then I knew he was done with me. We were both playing games and neither one of us wanted to continue. I actually tried to get rid of Spencer many times during our little “affair” and he would not stay away for good. It was a very weird game we were playing. One thing I did appreciate about Spencer was his acceptance of my love for Drake.

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