The List: 5) Ricardo [Part 1]

If you were a little bored by Spencer, then Ricardo should pique your interests.

I met Ricardo online just as I returned home from school. Side Note: I took a brief hiatus from OkCupid around March. From the first message I received from Ricardo, he was a little aggressive. I liked it though. Things with Spencer were imaginary and by this time I had went on that terrible date with Ian. I pretty much had no hoes. I like to keep one or two on deck, but I had none. So here came Ricardo waltzing in. By the third message, he already gave me his number and wanted me to text him. I appreciated his forwardness, something I hoped would continue throughout our little “stint”. So we texted and he wanted me to come to his new place. I had some career moves to work through so I had to put Ricardo on ice for awhile. I was very honest with him about where I was at that point in my life. He understood my viewpoint because he was also an ambitious college student. I liked Ricardo. I liked that he had his own thing going on and we were both working towards similar goals. Here is where I show you that I’m a lowkey snob. I attend a very good school in New England, very difficult to get in. He, contrastly, went to a low-tier community college, like one of the lows of the lows. His “new place” was in the projects. He was a few years older than me, but I tried not to judge. Because let’s be honest, he was doing a lot better than I was, independence-wise of course.

When I finally went over, he was extremely glad to see me. I knew that he wanted me, but being there physically with him solidified my notions. Now Ricardo is an attractive guy, borderline fine as hell. He’s about 6’2/3, a cute mustache, and a strong build with beautiful dark skin. Most of all, I felt warm in his arms which is odd for two reasons. 1) I’m a big girl and I need to feel protected when I’m with a guy. I hate being the big spoon. 2) I was basically emotionally constipated at that point. While at his place he tried to get me to have sex with him. I was still a virgin. I said no. I did suck his very large penis, but I stopped. I didn’t feel good doing it. It felt like I was trying to please him without really knowing anything about him. I knew he wanted me to be his girl, but that was all I knew about him. So I ended up leaving. He wanted to eat me out, but it was a loooong day. I wasn’t smelling the best and it was the summer.

Ricardo worked A LOT during the summer. He was so busy; he had no time for me. While he was so busy, he wanted me to continue to act as if he was my boyfriend. Ricardo never took the time to figure out my likes and dislikes; he just wanted me to suck his dick and tell him that this pussy was his. I knew everything I needed to know about Ricardo.

This post is longer than I anticipated so there will be a Part 2. If you were paying attention and playing connect the dots, then you will see at the beginning that I said I was a virgin. Well Ricardo is the fellow who I gave my virginity to. I don’t regret this at all. More details to come later.

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