The List: 5) Ricardo [Part 2]

Before you get all antsy to read this one, why don’t you head over to Part 1 to start from the beginning.

Ricardo really wanted me to be his girlfriend or his “woman” from the first time he met me. This was flattering, but also very alarming. See I’m the type of girl who gets to know you first to make sure I can tolerate your hangups. With all my relationship and emotional issues, I was a little taken aback at how forward he was. I liked it until it got annoying. I never felt Ricardo knew enough about me to decide to be with me without my input. For me it’s the little things that matter like favorite color, favorite food, pet peeves, etc.

On the second occasion Ricardo and I “hung” out we ended up having sex. I didn’t prepare for it, but I wasn’t afraid either. I just wanted him to know that he was “deflowering” me. MY FIRST TIME WAS GREAT! You always hear these horror stories about girls losing their virginity. It hurt a little, but once he got past a threshold it felt AMAZING. It was like this was the moment I was preparing myself for. We enjoyed each other. We cuddled and shit after. He shared some scary details about his past. After we were done and saw that I was bleeding, I then realized he didn’t pay attention to anything I said about being a virgin before we started. He kept talking about not wanting to take girl’s virginity because then she would be all over him and nag him. I guess he was concerned that I would become clingy. That was all I needed to hear. See the issue with me is that once I sense apprehension towards me I fall back quickly. So I didn’t speak to him for like two weeks after I lost my virginity. I didn’t want to be seen as a clingy chick.

Like I said in the previous post he worked a lot, so I barely got to see or talk to him. One time I was supposed to go to his place and he wasn’t even home. Lucky for me, I don’t leave until a plan is set. Another time I spent the night and he asked me to cook for him. I had a huge issue cooking for him because he was a complete ass to me. If you claim to be my boyfriend, then you need to understand I need attention. He was not giving me any attention. I cooked him a shitty meal. We had shitty sex. I left early in the morning because I had to go to work. This guy didn’t give me a towel to shower with or even a shirt to sleep in. When I left I got a text that I got water on the floor in the bathroom. Well bitch! If you had given me a fucking towel the floor would not have been wet. I was over him. I had already wasted enough time on him. After “breaking” up with him, I kept my distance. I texted him sometimes and the conversation was always “you sucking my dick?” You can imagine how annoyed I was.

It’s weird I think he sold himself short by trying to shove his dick down my throat. I’m the kind of girl who can upgrade you if you treat me right. I got tips and tricks and I know enough people. I’m smart and I know how to work the system. Wishing that he was a different person blinded me from recognizing his true colors. I’m not going to front though. If the opportunity arises I will fuck him again. His dick was just so good.

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