The List: 6) Jacques

If there was any guy on this list who would be described as “the one who got away”, it would be Jacques.

Jacques and I met actually because he was my Uber driver lol I know. The day we met I was having an interesting day. I just realized that Ricardo was a waste of my time and was on the prowl for his replacement. I don’t chase ’em. I replace ’em. I was leaving work one day and I was heading towards 34th street. I decided to take an uber car, because well why not. When I got to the car, my first thought was “Damn this driver is fine”. Dude had a nice caramel complexion, a beard, a short tapered mini fro type thing where he had some curlies at the top, and lips to die for. His accent was fucking beautiful, instant panty dropper. I don’t know how it is where you guys are from, but in NY cab drivers love to talk to you. However this time I just felt lusty talking to this cab driver lol. Everything about him was just niiicee. We talked and I found out his ex used to work at the same place I was working at the time, he’s from the Cameroon, and he’s a young guy. I have to be completely honest. I was having an internal debate as to whether or not I should ask him for his number, then he asked me first. I gave him my number and we talked more. He kept looking back to look at me and he kept grabbing his crotch which I later learned is him trying to hide his boner. Summer of 2014 was all about taking chances and new experiences, so I could not pass up a chance to talk to him.

Over the next week or so, we talked every now and then. Nothing major,but enough to keep the interest. One day he wanted to pick me up and drive me to work, but I was already at work unfortunately. One Saturday night we decided that we would go out. Now here’s the thing. Although I am 21, I still live with my parents. So trying to leave the house at 10pm, just did not work for me at all. I had to cancel, but he was basically already at my house. So we ended up walking around my neighborhood, getting to know each other, holding hands, and kissing. Then it started to lightly rain and it was disgustingly cute. We did some things in his car and he went home. Let’s just say I made him cum without touching him.

About a week later he picked me up from work and we went to his place. We did the sex. It was great. Some of those myths about African men are very true lol. After we did it, we just laid in the bed and talked. He played me French hip-hop since we have similar taste in music. I love hip-hop. While he played it, he would pause it and translate every verse to me. Do you have any idea what that does to me? I think I was falling in love. We then watched tv and joked about life. It was fun.

After that day he barely hit me up. It was like he was there and then he was gone. He stopped responding to any of my messages, calls, and voice mails. This is where I fucked up. I turned into “That Girl” who sent a paragraph-long “I’m over you” message. Yes I did and I’m slightly ashamed. I eventually gave up. Right before I left to London, he called me, but nothing really came from the conversation.

In conclusion, Jacques is the one who got away. He was just what I wanted, but he didn’t want me. That of course sucked, but I had to move on.

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