The List: 8) Richie

Before I start 1) I am well aware that I didn’t finish before 2014 ended, but I felt the need to finish this thing out and 2) I skipped #7 because I have discussed him enough.  Here and here, so I’m pretty much over talking about him.

Richie is an asshole.This guy played hopscotch on my nerves like it was his job. He was cool until he wasn’t. Richie had a tendency to say controversial things or things that would need to be checked and expected me not to respond. For example he would say “We would be great together, if you just let me be the man”. Now yes, this is not terrible BUT there are many things you don’t do with me in the early stages of a relationship. One of the things you should not do is try to assert your manhood. I already know that you are a man. If you feel the need to assert yourself, then you are not the guy for me. It shows weakness, like you have a small penis. And Richie had a small penis.

When Richie and I “hung out”, I could tell his ego would be his demise. He talked a lot about demanding respect, having a lot of money, and being in control of things. I have the amazing ability to ignore and store information for later use. I kind of like that “Ignore and Store”. He was one of those people who say a lot, but do not really saying anything. Yeah so I just let him talk. Like I said his penis was small, not just smaller than my past partners, but small. Sex with him was well a notch below mediocre. I hadn’t had sex in months when I got with Richie and it was such a disappointment. I don’t think it actually counted. His stroke game was ok and he could not eat vagina. Actually “Do You Dine Below” was inspired by him.

The worst part about Richie was his lack of self-esteem directly correlated to his penis size. I think he could tell that I wasn’t satisfied. He kept blaming me. Is it my fault that I have had quality sex with men who had quality penis? He kept saying that I was making fun of him and I need a monster penis. Can I just quickly point out that Nigerian men are the only men who have made comments about penis size? In my defense, I have had monster dick and it’s not all that it’s hyped up to be. He just had low self-esteem and often threw off on me, or at least tried to. He was nice when he wanted to be and a dick when he wanted. He did buy my groceries for the week, so that was a win on my end lol.


So that’s the end of my 2014 list. Who were your favorites? Who did you like? Who did you hate? Who do you wish makes an appearance in 2015? I would love to hear your opinions

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