What If I Told You I Saw This Coming?

So it’s Saturday and, yes, Donald Trump is the President Elect of these United States of America. No, this isn’t an episode of The Apprentice. It really happened. Crooked Hillary Clinton lost to Idiot Donald Trump.

Now that, that’s out of the way.

Tuesday night, I turned off all notifications regarding the election and went to bed. Around 4 am, I jolted out of my sleep, probably from the energy shift. Around 5:30 am, I woke up, checked Twitter, and saw that Trump had indeed been elected. Scrolling through my timeline in disbelief,I was shocked that hate, corruption, sexism, racism, misogyny, etc. had actually won. I was also genuinely afraid for what might transpire on my commute to work (I work near Wall Street). Trump, himself, is not the problem. American presidents are mere puppets and status symbols of free democracy. The hate of Trump’s supporters is what worried me. This win meant they won as well; it justified their prejudices and -isms.So I decided not to go to work on Wednesday. I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of verbal harassment at the mouths of Trump’s supporters and I needed some time to process and mentally prepare what the next four years may look like. Spending the day binge-watching my favorite shows and positive movies, I stayed off of social media (with the occasional Twitter check-in), meditated, and created my own world at home. On Thursday, I was mentally prepared for work and to look at all of the white people who could not fathom how such a problematic man is our next President when white people were the ones who put him there anyway. Sure Trump won because of the outdated electoral college, but slightly less than half of the people who voted, voted for the man.

When Trump first announced his candidacy for President, people laughed and mocked him. The media gave him every bit of the attention he desired. Every time Trump said or did something outlandish, the media was there to cover it. Even with all 30 people on the Republican ticket, we talked about him the most, like we do celebrities (Kardashians, anyone?) The majority of Trump’s supporters are small-minded. I’m referring to all classes here, the rich to the working class. They love reality TV, whine when they are called out for their wrongs, and appropriate other cultures, like it’s their job. With too many people on the Republican ticket and Trump’s hyper-visibility in the media, voters were forced to support the loudest and most visible candidate. It would be remiss not to point out Trump said everything these disenfranchised (read: racist) white people have been wanting to say for the past eight years. That type of hate and inability to see past your selfish desires is what this country is built on. Trump and his supporters appeared to be almost emboldened by every public figure who attempted to shame him. As for Hillary, I’m very anti-establishment, so I wasn’t fucking with her from the jump. Hillary is a career politician who has benefited well. She and her husband are responsible for the crime bill that created so many private prisons which lends itself to the mass incarceration we have today. Her pander to black people was cringe-worthy and embarrassing from Mary to Beysus. I’m glad it’s over.

I blindly trusted that the world isn’t as fucked as it appears, but clearly I was wrong. I’d hate to be one of these “let’s give him a chance” people, but I’m 80% sure Trump will get bored and we’ll have to deal with Pence (deep eyeroll). The real question is “If Hillary had won would my life be better or worse as it is, or will be, with Trump?” I honestly don’t think so. Just pray for us as we get through next four years. If anything, I have been motivated to step up and maybe even get involved in politics myself.

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