Thoughts On A Wednesday When Anger Takes Over

Angry. Anger. Frustrated.Outrage.Fucked Up. Unjustified.Give Me Justice. Take Justice Away. Act Right. Be Right. Act Class. Not Black. Don’t Lose Black. Don’t Be Too Black. Be Just Black Enough. Get An Education. Go To College. Question Your Existence. Figure Out Your Place. You Don’t Belong Here. That Kid From Third Period Was Shot. You Have Finals. The Cops Killed That Guy. You Have Papers to Write. They Killed Him. You Have To Apply To Jobs. My Brother Is In Danger. You Are So Smart. I’m Scared My Brother May Be At The Wrong Place At The Right Time. You Need To Pay Off Your Loans. Don’t Hang Out Too Late. You Aren’t Like Those Other Blacks. We Aren’t Safe Here. You Should Not Be So Combative. We Aren’t Safe Anywhere. Be Nicer. Racism Is Bad. Now They Are Getting It. Taylor Swift Is Everything. Nevermind. Don’t Wear Your Hoodie Outside. Your Hair Is So Different. Can I Touch It? They Killed A Little Girl Last Night. Black Feminists Are Too Aggressive.¬†They Raped A Woman Last Night. Black Feminists Are Tearing Up The Black Community. They Didn’t March For Her. Black Men Are Endangered. Where Was Her Justice? We Have To Save Our Men. Her Life Matters Too. Black Queen Support Us. Outrage. Rage. Anger. They Don’t Indict Killers Anymore. Serve and Protect. Save and Project. Serve Your Community and Protect Your Privilege. Feed the Lies. Protect the Myths. Serve the White. Protect The Fear. Protect the Institution. Officer. Overseer. Be Nicer. Officer. Overseer. Kill The Threat. Lynch The Criminal. Clean Our Streets. Force feed Black on Black On Crime. They already kill each other. You killed us. They are useless. You gave us guns. Take their lives. Away with the infestations. End Lives. End Black Lives. Make Them Feel Lesser Than. Integrate to Separate. Keep the Awakened Silent. Destroy Their Economy. Integrate to Separate. Separate Them. Make Them Hate Each Other. Let Them Do Our Dirty Work. They Will Never Notice. Discourage All Forms of Activism. Lynch The Conscious Ones. Black Lives Don’t Matter. Black Lives Matter. I Matter and I Will No Longer Be Silent.

Dream Man

I’m looking for the guy who makes me happy
Like when he looks at me I forget that I’m not a kid anymore and I just smile so big my cheeks start to hurt
I keep dreaming about him or them
About my future failed relationships that were great while they lasted, but were better left a closed chapter in my novel
Maybe about my potential love
See in these dreams I feel love
I feel loved.
I feel wanted and cherished and protected and adored
I don’t feel alone
I feel something I’ve only dreamed, pondered on, wrote love poems about
I feel like I could look at him forever but I don’t know who he is
He lives only in my dreams
And while he gives me hope and starts my days off wonderfully
I’m angry because he hasn’t materialized.
He isn’t real to me right now
He’s just my dream boy
Who captures my every thoughts in his fleeting touches and loving smile